Avram C. Eisner

Seattle,  WA
(206) 214-8363


From the moment I witnessed my first website slowly render over a 14.4k modem at age 13, I was captivated by the web's potential. For the past 18 years, I have worked as a front end web developer at a variety of different companies, and my passion and drive to innovate in this exciting medium has never waned. The thrill of this ever-evolving field continues to drive me.

I'm looking to work at a company or organization that is doing some real tangible good in the world. In particular, I'd like to continue helping fight climate change, but I'm also interested in addressing social problems and other environmental issues.

Summary of Technical Qualifications

  • JavaScript,
  • TypeScript,
  • React,
  • Next.js,
  • Node,
  • Express,
  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • Git


  • University of Washington

    BS, Informatics

    GPA 3.44

    Coursework includes the study of information systems and technology with a human-centered approach: Information System Design, Computer Networks, Database Design, Information Retrieval Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, and Information Management

Honors / Awards

  • Dean's List, UW 3 quarters

    Washington State Honors Award (top 10% of high school graduating class)